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How to Merge Calls on iPhone? [Conference Call]

Having multiple friends to talk or decide about something is a real thing and we are all aware of that situation. It is even a bigger deal when you have to do it over a phone call, with many friends, at the same time. Merging multiple calls is referred to form the conference calls from your cellphone.

It allows you to merge multiple calls at once to form them into a conference call. And to do so, your iPhone doesn’t need any external application. Your iPhone comes with a built-in function to make a conference call.

Steps on How to Merge Calls on iPhone

1. Launch Phone

“Phone” is the inbuilt application on your iPhone. It is an application with a Receiver icon in a green background. Tap on it to launch it. It will launch the call log on your phone.

Open Contacts

2. Open Contacts

Locate and tap on the option of “Contacts”. It has a shadow of a human face as its icon. Tap on it to open your contact list.

open your contact list

3. Select Contact

It will open your contacts list. Select a contact you want to call.

Select a contact

4. Place Call

Now, the details of your contact will be displayed. Your contact’s number will be displayed on your screen right below their name by what you have saved the contact on your iPhone. Tap on the number to place the call. Wait until the person receives your call.

Place Call

5. Add Call

Just as the person receives your call, you can ask them to hold the call while you add another person on the call. Now you can see the option of “Add call” on your screen. This option can be located right above the “End” button on your screen. Tapping on the option. Your iPhone’s contact list will be displayed.

Add Call

6. Select Contact

Locate the contact you want to add to this ongoing call. When the contact details of that person appear on the screen, tap on the contact number, located below the person’s name. It will place a call to that person.

Locate the contact

#When you place this 2nd call, the 1st call will be put on hold, until you merge both these calls to make it a conference call.

7. Merge Calls

Right as the 2nd contact accepts your call, it will enable the option of “Merge Calls” to be displayed on your screen. To merge both the calls, you will have to tap on this option. It will retrieve the 1st call and make it a conference call between three of you.

Add to this ongoing call

You can repeat the same steps to add up to a total of 5 contacts to have on your conference call. You can disconnect or mute a contact or multiple contacts from the ongoing conference call.

Merge Calls

Once the calls are merged, locate the option “Conference” on your screen. Tap on it to see more options. It will display a list of the contacts connected to the conference call. You will see “Mute” and “End” buttons separately at the right of the contacts. Locate the person you want to disconnect and tap the End button for that person. It will disconnect the person from the list. Tapping on the “Mute” button will mute the person without disconnecting the from the conference call. You can Unmute them later by clicking on the same button, which will then be turned into the Unmute option.

Make it a conference call

Tap on the “End” button, located at the bottom of the screen in a red background to disconnect the conference call. It will End all the calls.


This is a cool feature to have a conversation with a group of friends. Even if the steps seem tricky, you will not have any problem when you try these steps on your device. Note that you can call and merge up to 5 calls at a time for a conference call on your iPhone.

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