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How to use Safari on Windows PC?

Apple’s Safari is no longer available for Windows PC. The previous versions are old and outdated. And Apple stopped providing updates for its Safari on Windows. Apple is known for its safety and security for your data, be it your data on the device or the ones you browse.

But Safari on Windows doesn’t assure that level of safety for your data. It is not recommended to use Safari on Windows PC as that can be vulnerable to various types of security threats. But if, for some reason, you want to or have to use Safari on your Windows PC, then you can try following the steps mentioned here to be able to use Safari for your PC. One would mostly need to use Safari on Windows PC for Web Designing, Web Developing or UI Testing.

Method 1: Download an Older Version Of Safari


1. Open your PC’s Browser: Locate your PC’s browser. Double click on its icon to launch it.

Download Safari Setup

2. Download Safari Setup: Click on the search bar of your browser screen. It is usually located at the top of the browser. Copy the link given below and paste it on your browser’s search bar.

It will start downloading the setup of Safari. If the download doesn’t start automatically, a pop-up window will appear on your browser’s display with an option to ask you to save the file. Click on the “Save” option to download the setup file.

Install Setup

3. Install Setup: Your browser will notify you once the download is complete. Click on the downloaded file to allow Installation. You can also find the downloaded file on your computer’s Download section.

Open “My PC” on your PC and locate the “Downloads” option from the list displayed on the left side of the screen. Click on it; find “Safari Setup” in this section. Double click on it to proceed to Install.

Click on Install

4. Launch Safari: Once the Safari installation process is completed, double click on its icon from the desktop. It will open the Safari browser. Now you may start browsing from Safari on your Windows PC.

Launch Safari

By following these very simple steps, you can now use Safari. But we suggest you not to browse anything that contains important data. Keep yourself restricted from using banking websites or even any online shopping websites, which may lead you to put your card details online.

Method 2: Use Safari with MAC OS X Environment

You can also use Apple’s Safari on your Windows PC using Online Service. Even though using Safari through Online Service isn’t the smoothest experience you will have, it is comparatively safer than using Safari’s old and outdated updates.


1. Open your Browser: Locate your PC’s browser. Double click on its icon to launch it.

2. Visit crossbrowsertesting.com: Your Browser will have a toolbar at the top. Click on the toolbar to type crossbrowsertesting.com. Press enter to visit the link.

3. Start a Free Trial: You will be taken to the Cross Browsing Testing website. You will see an option of “Start A Free Trial” on this page. This option is located at the bottom of the page. It is a blue button with white fonts. Click on it.

4. Create Your Free Account: Before being able to use the free trial, you are required to have an account. A login page will appear. Click on the “Work Mail” option and enter your valid email address and type the password you want to set with other required details.

5. Start a Live Test: Once your free account is created, you will reach the home page of your trial service. You will see a list of options on the left of your screen. Locate and take your mouse on the “Live Testing” and select the “Start a Live Test” option.

6. Go for Mac OSX Version: The live testing page will load and you will see the “Desktop” tab on your screen, along with a tab of “Mobile”. Select the “Desktop” tab and click on “Mac OSX Version” from the drop-down menu. Note that clicking on Mac OSX Version will automatically select Safari 11.

7. Run Test: Now enter the website you want to run the test on in the search bar, located in the center of your screen. And click on the “Run Test” option, located at the center-left of your screen. It is a blue button with white fonts.

You will see many options like scaling, resolution, screenshot, screen record video, etc. at the top menu bar. You can make changes according to your requirements.

This Free Online Service will provide you free access for 100 minutes. You can then go with the plans most suited for your purpose.


Thus, in this article, we saw two methods to use Safari on a Windows PC. As stated earlier, Safari isn’t safer in terms of privacy for Windows users. Use it only if you need this specific browser to get the things done.

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